Without a doubt, solar is the way to go these days.  However, before you make this worthwhile investment, it’s best to do some research.  As a result, you will be able to make the best choice for your needs. Consequently, the best place to start is with questions to help define your solar needs.

If you’re new to solar it may be difficult to think of questions. As a result, we’ve compiled this list of questions to help you on your way.


  1. How old is my house? Is it suitable for solar panels?
  2. What are the energy needs of my household?
  3. Is my current energy level satisfactory or am I wanting to reduce it?
  4. Is the pitch of my roof sufficient?
  5. How much sunlight/shade does my roof receive?
  6. Does my roof face towards the equator?
  7. What is my budget for a solar installation?
  8. When will the solar panels begin paying for themselves?
  9. Will I need permission to install a solar system?

This is by no means a complete list of questions but it provides an excellent starting point as you begin to research the best options for solar installation.  

There are countless benefits to solar.  Without a doubt, it’s an excellent investment that will pay for itself over time.  Best of all, it will allow you to become self-sustaining and free of Eskom and load-shedding.

Anyone who has lived in South Africa for any length of time knows the challenges and frustrations of living with load-shedding. Daily interruptions to our electricity supply and sitting for periods without power is beyond frustrating. Additionally, it can leave us feeling we don’t have any control or options. Thankfully, the converse is true. We do have options to become self-sustaining if we consider solar power.

Why not consider a solar installation today? It’s so worth it!

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